The wonderful, amazing, super duper talented cast that made Certifiable possible!

Jennifer m. Kay

Jennifer M. Kay is a writer, producer, director and actress who began acting in 2012. She realized  her passion was not only for acting but for the entire process.

Aimee Theresa

Aimee Theresa is an actor, writer, and producer. She loves acting for both stage and screen and enjoys all aspects of bringing a good story to life.

Anthony Scanish

Anthony Scanish is known for his work on Hush (2018), The Honeymoon Phase (2019) and Beast: Chronicles of Parker (2016).

Michelle Pauls

Michelle Pauls is known for her work on Crooked & Narrow (2016), Certifiable and Master Race from Mars (2011).

Allison Kessler

Known for Without You (I) (2018), Mischief Night Volume I, Certifiable, The Arrangement (2020)

Dax Richardson

Dax Richardson is known for his work on The Arrangement (2020), Street Justice: The Bronx (2017) and Happy Cleaners (2019).

Andrew Hunsicker

Since late 2013, Andrew has been  gratefully pursuing his dream and has had the pleasure of working on over 100 projects.

Melissa O'Donnell

Melissa harnessed her love for acting and telling stories through film over the years, and has portrayed various principal and lead roles in over 40 projects.

Val McAdoo

Val McAdoo is known for her work on D-Railed (2018), What Do I Do Now? (2020) and Hollywould (2019).

Jodie Riccelli

Jodie Riccelli is an actress and director, known for Sisterly Disorder (2013), The Stall (2016) and Hanh, Solo (2017).

Tamara Eldridge

Tamara Eldridge is an actress, known for The Stall (2016), Certifiable and Sisterly Disorder (2013).

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