When their talent manager Stacey goes missing, Lex and Gabby can't leave their precious careers in just anyone's hands; they hold a series of auditions to find a new manager. With the paparazzi hot on her trail, will Lex's secret be revealed? Will Gabby ever find the love she so desperately desires? Most importantly, will they like Dick? Follow these two vivacious actresses, who wish they were as famous as they think they are.


"Will I ever be in Love?"

Lovable, ditzy, and surprisingly intuitive,
Gabby looks to Lex as her mentor and role model. Gabby's desire to be a famous actress comes second to her desire to be in love. Fernando is just her type, despite encouragement from her friends, Gabby is hesitant to share how she feels, because she's been rejected so often in her past.


"These actors are out of control..."

At the helm is Moira Poostein, feared by her peers, for she is manipulative, calculated, and a brilliant psychoanalyst. She's obsessed with her work and believes she is surrounded by inferiors and lets them know it.
Fernando Amore has been part of the crew for many years, although he's worked in a different department until now. His big heart has gotten him in trouble in the past, and Dr. Poostein doesn't let him forget it.
Olivia Bolivia is smart, kind, and finds comfort in being dedicated to her job. She lives alone, well with Jimminy, her loyal companion. She is in the front lines and is the first to realize some things are astray from the norm, and makes it her mission to get to the bottom of it all.


"Do you have a Lollipop?"

Project manager aspiring to become a talent manager, Dick is hard on helping the girls with their career. His smarts, dedication and fatherly approach has Gabby believing he'd make a great manager while Lex isn't so sure, he's desperate and outdated. His family no longer visits him, since his obsession with hoarding things crowds his spaces and his life.